Useful Forms

In our bid to become more efficient we place all our forms on this page of the website. 

You do not have to print any forms, your child's VLE Username and Password will act as your signature, just press submit once you have completed the form. Please remember to register two email addresses with the academy office so we may check that any requests or permissions are being sent by those who have the authority to.


On Monday 23rd April and Tuesday 24th April we will be holding Family Consultation Evenings for Year 6 parents only. These give you the opportunity to look through your child/rens work and to speak to their class teacher about their progress and any concerns you may have and SATS. So you have time to see your children's books please arrive 10 minutes prior to your appointment time. Please complete this form by Thursday 19th April. We will inform you of your time slot via email.


As part of Science Week, we will be visiting Fring Hall. Children should be in non-uniform and will need to take a packed lunch with them. Please indicate below if you require a school packed lunch at a cost of £2.20. Further details (times/dates etc) will be on your child's VLE.


Year 4 will be visiting Banham Zoo as part of their topic on Teeth, Digestion and Diet. Children will need to wear suitable Fab Friday clothes and will require a packed lunch. Please indicate below if you would like to order a school packed lunch at a cost of £2.20. Further details (dates/times etc) will be on your child's VLE.


Our learning takes us out and about into the local community. We always make the most of the wonderful environment and facilities on our doorstep. We will always let you know when we are off site but we also like to make the most of any opportunities that come our way, sometimes without advance planning. Please complete this form to allow your child to take part in local visits in and around the village of Marham including trips to the RAF Station.


We do like to tell people about what we have been doing but also balance this with a child's and a family's right to privacy. We do not link pictures and names to children on our website however when promoting events through newspapers names and pictures can be linked. Please complete this form to grant us permission to use your child's pictures and / or names through our website or local newspapers. This form is particulalry important if you do not wish your child to take part in any promotional or publicity materials we may produce or be part of.


The government are very clear that children do not miss any of their education unnecessarily and any absence during term time should only be authorised under extenuating circumstances. We recognise the importance of upholding the government directive however, we also recognise that the special circumstances in which we operate. We have many families who, owing to operational commitments of the work place, are unable to be together during the academy holidays and indeed they are separated for lengthy periods of time during the year. In light of this we try to offer as much flexibility as possible when considering requests for absences during term time. We do ask that requests for time away from the academy are completed with as much detail as possible so that a swift decision can be made. Once requests have been received they will be processed within a week and the decision forwarded to you. If you have not received a decision within 5 academy days please contact the office.


This form should be used if your child is going to be away from school during the day for any other reason than holiday (there is a separate holiday form). Please complete this form if your child has been ill or attending a medical appointment for which they will need time out of school.